When your Casino Hotel is located off the Vegas strip, away from the center of the most typically desirable, prime strip destinations, you need to have something more alluring to offer. Something that makes it worth going a little off the beaten path. Targeting the 21-40 year old demographic, we positioned SLS Casino Hotel as the place where anything can happen and it usually does. All bets are off here. If you're up for anything, this is the place to be. SLS is the place where all those over the top stories of Vegas debauchery and decadence are merely a given baseline for what promises to be more fun than you should probably be allowed to have without getting arrested.

TV, print, outdoor, experiential.
TV :30
Print and outdoor.
Experiential: Door key cards
We created campaign-themed, room key cards to keep guests engaged with the campaign message and the SLS spirit, at all times. 
Players Club Card: re-naming a re-design.

SLS Newsletter: Re-naming and Re-design

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