Creative Director / Copywriter. Well seasoned, not over salted. 
A creatively-driven, experienced, team leader with strong talent development and team management skills. In the course of my career, I’ve enjoyed the good fortune of working on a wide range of global, national, regional and local brands in almost every category and medium. My experience spans the entire channel spectrum: Traditional, 360, integrated, TV, radio, print, out-of-home, ambient, digital, social, experiential and content. My depth of media and category experience has given me an uncanny instinct for navigating client expectations and steering creative teams toward strategically sound, uniquely-engaging, campaigns and unexpected solutions that produce dynamic results. 

I'm a huge believer in the power of creativity to solve anything. Problems are opportunities in disguise. In an industry where the playing field changes regularly, rules are rewritten daily and new platforms emerge routinely, one core element remains constant and makes all these things useless without it; strong, creative, solutions. 

I see every brief as a new opportunity to create something uniquely amazing. My enthusiasm and sense of wonder are auto-refreshed regularly, by the fact that every day and every brief, offers a new possibility to do something that's never been done, thought of, written or seen that way, before.

Strengths: Surprising solutions, inspirational team leadership and guidance, mentoring with empathy, strong conceptual and writing skills (with proven ability to teach and instruct), encouraging fearless creativity in an open minded, collaborative environment, maximizing talent, promoting a healthy creative culture, making the work better, brand development, developing a brand voice, strong presentation skills, strong pitch skills, fostering strong agency-client relations and positive, inter-department office relations, proven ability to make a direct, positive, impact on agency growth and development.
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