A well-seasoned, not overly-salted, Creative Director/Copywriter.

A creatively-driven, team leader with strong talent development and team management skills. Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide range of global, national, regional and local brands in almost every category. I've even managed to win a few international, national, regional and local, awards along the way.  
My 23 years of experience spans the entire media channel spectrum: Traditional, 360, integrated,TV, radio, print, out-of-home, ambient, digital, social, experiential and content. This wide range of media and category experience has given me an uncanny instinct for navigating client expectations and steering creative teams toward uniquely-engaging, campaigns and unexpected solutions that produce dynamic, positive, results. 
I'm a true believer in the power of creativity to solve anything and turn problems into opportunities. In an industry where the playing field and the rules are always evolving, two things remain constant and make all the emerging platforms in the world useless without them; creativity and good ideas. 
I view every brief as a new opportunity to create something uniquely amazing.  My sense of wonder and enthusiasm is auto-refreshed and inspired regularly, by the fact that every day offers a new opportunity to do something that's never been done before.
Strengths: Surprising solutions, team leadership and guidance, mentoring, strong conceptual and writing skills (with proven ability to teach and instruct), inspiring creative teams, encouraging a collaborative spirit, maximizing talent, promoting a healthy creative culture, making the work better, brand development, developing a brand voice, strong presentation skills, strong pitch skills, fostering strong agency-client relations, proven ability to make a direct, positive, impact on agency growth and development.

Today's audiences are more cynical and sophisticated than ever. Over the years, our minds have developed a finely-tuned radar system, designed to spot incoming ads a mile away and automatically activate BS deflector shields to block whatever message that ad is attempting to communicate. The best ad campaigns manage to successfully navigate through those defense systems and work their way in to the hearts and minds of your target audience.
In my opinion, the best way to get through the radar and beyond the deflector shields is to disarm your audience, causing them to unconsciously lower their defenses and easily accept your message. Some of the things that disarm include: Humor, the element of surprise, honesty, heart strings, intrigue, weirdness, the unexpected, the awe-inspiring, the captivating, and things that have never been seen, heard, or done, before.

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