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How do you get trade show attendees excited enough to voluntarily engage with a message from what could very well be the most boring industry on the planet? Disguise the messaging as a game you play on a giant screen using cutting edge leap motion technology.

At the entrance to the experience, the audience encountered a captivating 100 inch, holographic video projection of a Tetris-like video game, beckoning them to walk up to it and play. The interactive 3D, holographic game was conceived of by Homefront and brought to life with the help of a video game developer just for the IANA event. The 3D technology used “leap Motion” hologram images you can grab and move around in mid air, by simply using your hands. Messaging appeared seamlessly inside the game and was supported by a series of videos which ran on flatscreens throughout the event space as well as posters. The game drew a lot of attention at the trade show. Event goers stood around and watched others play, as a line began to form.
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